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On March 2, 2019 the exposition of Carl Weidemeyer will be opened ongoing until May 13, 2019.

The exposition will be accompanied by the book of Veronica Provenzale «Carl Weidemeyer (1882-1976) between Modern and Bauhaus». It will be also possible to obtain the publication which was published between the Museum and the Architecture Academy of Mendrisio with the title «Carl Weidemeyer 1882-1976, Artist and Architect between Worpswede and Ascona» as well as the wonderful publication of Architect Guido Tallone and the Researcher Tassi in connection with the renovation of the Theatre San Materno.

During the exhibition Veronica Provenzale will present her work on March 13, 2019 at 18.30 o'clock at the Theatre San Materno.

In connection with the Exposition on April 25, 2019 there will be also a conference with the well known Art expert and journalist Uwe Ramlow, from Weimar, with the title «100 years Bauhaus and Carl Weidemeyer. An Architect between Modernism, Living Form and the Vision of new human beings».

There is no better occation to represent the works of Carl Weidemeyer than on the 100 years anniversary of Bauhaus, whom has left Ascona a memorable trace of his important work.
The foundation met on September 29, 2017 and accepted very gratefully the lovely donation of Mrs. Ursula Oppenheimer.

The municipality of Ascona has comunicated the dates of the planned exhibition: 6-30.10.2018 at Castello San Materno. On October 6, 2018 they will present also the work about Carl Weidemeyer written by Veronica Provenzale.

Veronica Provenzale was for several years a collaborator of the Museo di Arte Moderna del Borgo di Ascona and was asked from the municipality to this work.

The foundation is very happy about this decition and decides to contribute to the publication of the work.

On November 30, 2017 the Director of the Museo Comunale says thank you fort the foundations’ partecipation and confirms that the comunity of Ascona will take charge of the remaining costs. This allows now to publish the book.
Mrs. Ursula Oppenheimer donated 12 paintings and drawings of Carl Weidemeyer to the foundation.
The foundation will use the paintings following its scope.

The paintings will be showed in the second part of 2018 for the first time at Castello San Materno in occasion of the publication of the new book of Carl Weidemeyer.
1. Brissago Islands, coulour drawing, 540x386 mm
2. Phantasy in several coulours, following the theory of coulours of Goethe, coulour drawing, 660x493 mm
In 2013 the Carl Weidemeyer Foundation has contributed to the achievement of an important editorial project: the publication of a book on the renovation of the Teatro San Materno, titled «Teatro San Materno Ascona, Restauro/Renovation», edited by Guido Tallone and Chiara Tassi, and published by Gabriele Capelli Editore. The book chronicles the complicated story of the renovation works which eventually saved the building from decay.
The Carl Weidemeyer Foundation has also agreed upon giving its support to Laura Kaehrs' master class graduation film at the Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK). Laura Kaehrs' short film «1927» retraces news stories which drove the attention on the city of Locarno and the Ticino canton, thus presenting the cultural milieu of Ascona and architect Weidemeyers' work. The film was partly shot on the terrace of the Teatro San Materno and includes archive material filmed in the gardens of several villas designed by Weidemeyer in Ascona.
In occasion of the renovation the foundation has decided to publish on Internet a non-official diary on the stages of the works. The diary will be updated on a monthly basis and will show pictures with explanations written by arch. Paolo Kaehr.
October 2009
Two and a half years after the works started, we are proud to top up our journal with these beautiful pictures, showing the Teatro San Materno in full activity. The building has been saved from oblivion and life fills it up again. This is the beginning of a new era, under the enthusiastic and expert guidance of the Associazione Teatro San Materno. To its members we wish all the best, may this adventure be crowned by success and satisfaction!
The updated theatre program is available at http://www.teatrosanmaterno.ch
The Teatro San Materno reopened for the audience on October 3rd 2009, thus celebrating the restitution to the population of a masterpiece of modern architecture, which had been skillfully and rigorously restored under the direction of architect Guido Tallone.
The accuracy of the works is perfectly visible on the south facade of the building. The Carl Weidemeyer Foundation wishes to thank the Ascona community, who could effectively prevent Weidemeyer’s oeuvre from being demolished.
From the beginning, the theatres' activity has been very intense. The first cycle of events was dedicated to Weimar, running under the title «Il cinema di Weimar: dal Bauhaus ai suoi grandi autori». After the workshop «Giornate di videodanza», which was organized in collaboration with the Centre Pompidou, the second season started on January 23rd 2010.
May 2009
The Teatro San Materno has a striking manifoldness and variety of colors. Each single color has been carefully studied and faithfully reproduced on the basis of the original surfaces, which were kept intact during the whole working phase.
The commissioned architect Guido Tallone elucidates the progress of restoration to Messieurs Oppenheimer and lawyer Beretta.
June 2008
The peeling off of the upper facade shows the inferiority of the original construction because of different insufficient materials.
The plane roof above the theatre has been completely renewed. Thanks to new materials technically advanced, it has been possible to obviate the «minimalism» of the original construction.
May 2008
A delegation of the foundation, guided by the architect Guido Tallone who has designed and directed the restoration works, visits the building lot.
April 2007
In the month of April the delicate works of covering have begun. The building has been completely protected by an external film. The construction of a lift continues with the setting of a second level.
February and March 2007
The restoration of a monument is also included matching the structure and all the building with the normation ruling at construction time. This was guiding all access works, security works and naturally the points of access. To secure the access to Teatro San Materno to disabled persons, the architect and the ordering body have opted for a lift transporting people from the street level to the level of entrance to the main hall. This lift is situated at the north of the theatre and will not be visible for those who are walking from parking areas.
January 2007
The photos show the northeast facade of the new gallery along the theater. This change put the gallery in the originally designed location, which had been lost in the past.
December 2006
Dr. Oppenheimer and his wife Ursula toured the construction site with the municipal of Ascona representative M. Circello.
Novemb 2006
The space under the staircase, which was originally a simple external scale to the building, is now being exploited to achieve local and technical infrastructure. They are essential to allow the use of the concert hall in safety and comfort with the conditions required today.
By the end of November the scaffolding for the restoration of the retention walls and the two iron I-beams of the original balconies are visible.
October 2006
The necessary infrastructure and technical installations are housed in underground rooms built around the theater. This is the price to pay to get a restoration of the original stable and still provide a structure that will meet today’s safety requirements.
The precision of the project is visible and agrees with the original proposed use of the terrain and envisioned by Weidemeyer in 1927.
September 2006
Noteworthy is that the work was restarted with the removal of earth and other materials collected on the east side of the building. It was found that this masterpiece of Ticino modernistic architecture was built with traditional local construction methods. The support walls were all made out of local stone and iron braces from the Ticino.
July 2006
An access road to the construction site was created and demolition commenced. Removal of earth around the structure was started for the creation of a new lower level.
June 2006
Safety measures like security fences were installed and preparations were completed for the beginning of the construction work.
The Foundation organized a series of lectures on the work of Weidemeyer and the Ticino architecture of the 1920s. There were three well attended and enthusiastically received lectures employing slides. These were held in the Sala Balint on Monte Verità. Prof. Reichlin and architects Paolo Fermagalli and Guida Tallone were guest speakers.
Friday September 23rd, 2005
The restoration of the theatre San Materno in Ascona
Speaker: Guido Tallone
Introduction: Wolfgang Oppenheimer
Monday June 6th, 2005
Weidemeyer and the Ticinese architects of the 20s
Speaker: Paolo Fumagalli
Introduction: Paolo Kaehr
Monday May 16th, 2005
Weidemeyer and the landscape of Ascona in the 20s of 1900
Speaker: Bruno Reichlin
Introduction: Letizia Tedeschi
The exhibition of Ascona in 2001 was shown by the University of Venice Faculty of Architecture.
The Foundation supported the exhibit of Carl Weidemeyer 1882-1976, Artist and Architect between Worbswede and Ascona, which was also supported by the community of Ascona and the Academia d’Art of Mendrisio. Honored committee members included Wolfgang and Ursula Oppenheimer and
architect Paolo Kaehr.
The Foundation participated in the preparation and execution of the Carl Weidemeyer exhibit in the commercial trade school Wetzikon, under the direction of Professor Reiman.
The Foundation, along with the canton Ticino, the Ascona Community, and the Lugano Technical High School supported the project Weidemeyer for the recreation of the exact architectural plans of the nine houses built by Weidemeyer.